Apricot Mate Kombucha Sparkler

Here is another summer drink recipe… our new favorite! The record warm and dry Portland weather this spring made for an incredible apricot harvest (120 fruit on our backyard tree, up from previous the record of 75. Note: I still can’t recommend growing apricots, peaches or nectaries in the Pacific North West!). To preserve the fragrant sweet-tart bounty, I pitted the fruit and cooked them a bit and mashed them to make a puree that could be the basis for fruit leather, jam or syrup. Some of the puree got added to a batch of smoky mate kombucha…

Serves 6

3 cups kombucha
2 cups apricot puree
Lime sparkly water
Ice cubes


Apricot Mate Sparkler with 7-up Plant

Make 1 batch kombucha (here’s how) or tap off 3 cups of continuous brew.
Stew and puree about 6 large or 10 small apricots (or half as many peaches.)
Strain the apricot puree and divide between cups (about 1/3 cup per serving).
Add ice cubes to each cup, then about 1/2 cup of kombucha to each and top with lime sparkly water.

Garnish with a sprig of 7-up plant (Stachys albotomentosa, or Hildago hedgenettle), a thin wedge of lime or slice of apricot.

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