Design Your Own Yard 2021

I’m offering my Design Your Own Yard workshop on Tuesday evenings February 16 through March 9. The course is online, plus a visit to your site if you live in the Portland, OR Metro area.

The focus of this four week course is practical tools and guidance to help you plan a yard that is offers higher quality habitat for the more-than-humans in your local watershed and supports your household and community in terms of preparedness and resilience: Storing water, growing food and medicine and extra herbs and produce to share through mutual aid channels, energy efficiency, growing your own craft materials, creating spaces for gathering or exchange, utilizing local and reclaimed materials and more.

Taking good care of the land we live on by creating good habitat is among the least we can do as settlers on stolen land.

We’ll also go over ways to make your yard enjoyable, peaceful and multi-functional as many of us continue to spend a LOT of time at home.
This course is geared towards folks in the Pacific Northwest, but if you live outside the Portland Metro you could take it without the site visit at a reduced rate.

Sign up with a friend or partner (to work on the same site) for a reduced tuition rate.

There are a couple spots for BIPOC at no cost. Just register and let me know in the comment field.


About Mulysa and Resilience Design
Mulysa Melco is an ecological landscape designer, horticulturist, and artist with a lifelong passion for plants and exploring our connection with the land.

Her business, Resilience Design, plans urban and rural landscapes that help us reclaim our connection with nature and seasonal cycles. Her work aims to cultivate a sense of place, encourage land tending, help people connect to the land they live on, repair the soil, heal the water and navigate shifting times.

She teaches botany and ecology classes for the Clackamas Community College, Portland Underground Graduate School and Rewild Portland.

About Erica Smith and Shangri-La Landscape Design

Erica Smith is the owner of Shangri-La Landscape Design. Her mission is to help clients realize their own personal garden oasis, or “Shangri-La.” In designing modern-looking, native-centric, and drought-tolerant gardens, she values:

+Sustainable Beauty
+Nuanced design solutions
+Connections to Nature
+Adaptation to Climate Change

As a former land use planner, real estate analyst, and community development professional Erica brings a big picture vision to the design table as well as a keen eye for detail. This includes an understanding of how to create gardens that have positive impacts on our communities, and vice-versa.  
Erica was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. She currently lives in SE Portland with her dog-child Billie Holiday. In her free time she likes to backpack, whitewater raft, play in her own garden, and spend time with her nieces and nephew.

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