Resilience Design Landscape Projects
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Native, New Zealand and Mediterranean plants settling in together in a Portland front yard.

An inviting path with lush plantings. Side yards don't have to be wasted space. Even if they are low traffic areas they can provide seasonal interest, cutting flowers or edibles and improve views from the indoors out.

An inviting path with lush plantings. Side yards don’t have to be wasted space. Even if they are low traffic areas they can provide seasonal interest, cutting flowers or edibles and improve views from the indoors out.

Mediterranean herbs and other drought-tolerant plants on a parking strip.

Mediterranean herbs and other drought-tolerant plants on a parking strip.


Native meadow flowers in a low-maintenance border.


Retaining wall made from urbanite (recycled concrete) reclaimed from a demo project in the neighborhood. Win-win!


Work in progress: Custom bench with storage and patio for fire pit for family s’mores night!


Plantings and a pergola made from local juniper create a peaceful seating area in a backyard. Drip irrigation installed by Apogee Landscapes keeps things lush all summer.


Tiny urban farm with ripening quince, annual and perennial veggies and armloads of cutting flowers.


Native wildflowers and prairie grasses on a homestead project in rural Minnesota.


Plantings around a Portland home in about year 6. DIY installation by homeowner.


Newly planted beds with herbs and drought-tolerant flowers for pollinators and passersby alike.IMG_5438 Fire pit seating area and ornamental plantings in an organic garden.


Path to the secret garden, through spring greens and beneficial insect-attracting flowers like calendula Daikon improves the soil.


Welcoming entry garden at a SE Portland home. DIY installation by homeowner.


Summer flower display in an organically-managed front yard.


Parking strip garden in spring. There are many plants that thrive under walnut trees.


An example of what can be done with a narrow side-yard. This progress shot shows a patio being laid, plus edible and ornamental shrubs.


A rain garden scene with loquat, golden mock orange and a box hedge as a formal element to contrast with and contain the wilder plantings.



A year-round edible garden , ecolawn for picnics and play – and a greenhouse made with recycled windows.


A school yard garden at a Montessori preschool is a favorite play space for both teachers and students.


Work in progress in Northeast Portland. A DIY client works from the design Mulysa created for them to transform their front yard using reclaimed materials.


Work in progress. A whimsical playhouse becomes the cornerstone of an enchanting backyard.


Greenhouse made of reclaimed windows going up in Southeast Portland.

Greenhouse and raised bed vegetable garden surrounded by perennial edibles.

Finished greenhouse and raised bed vegetable garden surrounded by perennial edibles.

Playhouse with fairy waterfall and hobbit tunnel beneath.

Playhouse with fairy waterfall and hobbit tunnel beneath.



A front yard garden in Southeast Portland combines fun edibles for the kids with cottage garden flowers for year-round cutting. There is a bean teepee, a pumpkin vine, herbs and lots of flowers for pollinators. Installed by homeowner.


Mulysa’s dear friend and client Gina in Southeast Portland collaborated with her on a design for her wide parking strip. Mulysa designed a layout with multiple spots for displaying container plantings and visiting with neighbors – and housing Gina’s painterly collection of unusual perennials.


A parking strip garden with one of my living mosaic planters. Over the years in her artistic  fashion Gina created a rich tapestry of ground covers and evergreen plants, taking advantage of this sunny corner.


Gina’s backyard garden. When she decided to take out the small lawn, we designed this raised garden with a water bowl and sculpture. The evergreen plantings harmonize with the surrounding beds and include lots of plum and blue foliage.


Foliage combination with sedum in early fall in Gina’s parking strip garden.


Jewel-tone foliage combination.


Dragon sculpture in Gina’s back garden. Foliage and flower color come from weigela, alstroemeria, ajuga, dwarf conifers and many ground covers.


A concrete column was transformed into the garden of this Pearl district condo’s terrace. A custom living wall solution with drip irrigation was installed by Dennis’ Seven Dees and collaborators.


A back yard retreat in Southeast Portland, with plantings starting to settle in and fill out one year after installation.


A rain garden with native and ornamental plants helps filter stormwater in Southeast Portland.


A ‘green street’ facility was called for in the planning of this in-fill home in Southeast Portland. The homeowners took advantage of the requirement by creating a rich habitat that extended the design of their front yard. Mulysa used a mix of native and drought-tolerant ornamental plantings for both areas.


A small side yard was turned into a well-used outdoor dining and relaxing area. The design provided privacy for the street, and incorporated many elements including a water feature, trellises for vines, seating and space for grilling.


Asian and Northwest native plants combine to create year-round interest and easy maintenance in this small front yard design.


A rain garden, freshly installed, soaks up overflow from a rain catchment system in another part of my yard. The stone is a local variety, and the scraps from making the wall were used as edging for the path. All the river rock came from the site!


An easy-care parking strip in Southeast Portland.


Newly installed back yard design combines modern lines and lots of native and edible plants.


A rain garden and flagstone path in a back yard design.



“Thanks so much for your wonderful design and all your help. We would never have been able to find all those plants on our own. Please feel free to use us as a reference.” – Dave, Northwest Portland

“Thanks again for all of your help – it has been so great to have your guidance, wisdom, experience and great ideas!” – Kate and Steve, Minnesota

“My morning view from my kitchen makes me happy. Thank you for your expert and kind, collaborative guidance!” – Lauren, North Portland

“I just wanted to thank you so much for those terrific plans, the gorgeous tulips, and for all your thought and time.  I’m so excited to get the gardening going!” – Sarah, Northeast Portland  

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