Nursery Update

4/12/20: The nursery is closed for restocking. We’ll reopen Monday 4/20. Thanks so much for your interest and support! I’m so glad to be able to provide plants and seeds during this time when we need to work together to grow food, localize and tend the land. Feel free to send in an order and I’ll fill them in the order they are received or check for a new availability next week. 

The tomato order form will be up then and tomato ordering will be open. It’s not time to plant tomatoes outdoors without protection yet! They need night temperatures at least in the 50’s. Tonight it’s going to be 37 F in North Portland, with night temps in the 40s all week. Don’t stunt your plants, wait till the time is right and help them thrive. Tomatoes are tropical and love warmth, lots of sun and humidity. Depending on the weather, I plant mine in mid- to late-May in my sheltered urban garden.

Heirloom tomato
Red cherry tomato
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