Plant Sale Updates!

As the growing season quickly gets started there have been some new plants added to the sale offerings, including these three native flowers:

Tarweed (Madia spp.) is a great native pollinator plant to provide late-season nectar flow. The cheerful yellow petals each have a red base, around a yellow center. Soft foliage is fragrant in the sun.

Self-heal (Prunella vulgaris ssp. lanceolata) is another Willamette Valley native that bees love. The lavender to deep violet flowers bloom in summer. It can grow in sun or part shade, in a range of soil types.

Poached egg plant (Limnanthes douglasii)
Native. Pretty little reseeding annual with lacy leaves, white and yellow flowers in spring. Attracts beneficial insects like friendly hover flies that will eat aphids and other pests. Also known as meadowfoam.

On the tomato page, there are a number of limited quantity varieties. Write them in on the order form or send me an email.

And a few other changes:

-I was able to lower the price on asparagus and Arctic raspberries.

-I’m offering Cornelian Cherry seedings instead of named varieties. They are genetically unique and any two will cross pollinize each other. These pretty and productive trees are becoming more common and you may have one nearby (within a few blocks) that could serve as a pollinizer. They are blooming with little yellow flowers right now.

Please place your order by March 31 for best selection! There will be plants and seeds for sale at the Spring Gardening Fair on April 18th as well.

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