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Resilience Design offers a carefully curated selection of plants and seeds including edible landscaping plants and native pollinator flowers. These multi-functional plants are grown in Mulysa’s North Portland micro-nursery or sourced from sustainable local growers. Plants are for sale to landscaping clients, at special events, or order via phone/email – or make appointment to shop.

Fall planting time is starting soon! Check out our updated availability. 

1) For questions or to place an order, email:

2) Pay online when you receive your order confirmation

3) Pick up at the nursery in Overlook. Please wear a mask and observe safe distancing.

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2020 Tomato listings here. 22 varieties to choose from this year!

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How to pay. Cash, check or credit/debit or bank transfer are accepted.

We recycle pots! We accept black plastic pots and trays for reuse. 3.5″, 4″, #1 pots/6″ (1 gal.), #2 (2 gal.) sizes in good condition only please. Dirty is okay. Let’s reduce the manufacture of plastic and keep them out of the landfill!

Edible Landscaping
Create an abundant food forest in your yard or add a few fun fruit and berry bushes to your landscape. Order from a selection of hardy fruit trees, berry bushes and fruiting vines, perennial vegetables, native edibles, plus veggie and herb starts and seeds. Offerings include apples, persimmons, blueberries, rhubarb, kiwi and much more. We’ll also have beneficial insect/pollinator plants and mason bee houses for sale to help your edible landscape grow and produce well! For your permaculture project, we grow nitrogen-fixers, dynamic accumulators, medicinal plants, craft and dye plants and more.

The Plants and Seeds
The plants and seeds offered are a carefully chosen for their ease of growing in home gardens, in our area, using organic methods. Mulysa has chosen them for flavor, productivity, easy maintenance and ease of cooking and preserving in our home kitchens.

Safe and Healthy
All the plants are locally grown and are organic and/or Salmon Safe Certified. Most of the herbs, veggie starts and seeds are grown by Mulysa right in Overlook Neighborhood. All plants and seeds are non-GMO (they do not contain genetically modified organisms) and they are free of neonicotinoid chemicals (they are not treated with this nasty class of pesticides that harm bees, or any other kind of pesticide for that matter.)

Our micro-nursery is a low-carbon operation. We commute by bike when possible, are fanatic recyclers and support local vendors every time we can. Currently our soil mixes are peat-free, except for some seed starting mix which we’re working on a new solution for that, to protect fragile Canadian peat bog ecosystems that store carbon, purifies water and provide essential habitat.

This Land  

Resilience Design acknowledges that we work on sacred, un-ceded land and supports the sovereignty of native peoples and LAND BACK initiatives. We humbly strive to be good guests on the traditional land of bands of Chinook, and other groups. 


Organic apples in Overlook neighborhood.

Thank you for supporting a local and woman-owned business!

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