Resilience Design at Kenton Farmer’s Market – This Friday

Visit Kenton Farmer’s Market this Friday, June 19 from 3 pm to 7 pm for fresh veggies, treats and family fun.

Sustainable Overlook and Resilience Design will be guests at the Trillium School farm stand, with lots of potted plants and seeds for sale. You’ll find organic seeds for locally grown veggies, herbs and pollinator friendly flowers, many of which can be planted now. Plants will include fruit trees, berry bushes and perennials veggies, plus native companion plants for a healthy garden ecosystem that provides year-round food, flowers and habitat.


Giant lamb’s quarters ‘Alice’s Pink’


Blue elderberry, a medicinal native shrub


Seedless table grapes


European plums

Moroccan mint.

Moroccan mint

Arctic raspberry flower

Arctic raspberry flower

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