Spring is here! Get the help you need to make it a great garden year.

It’s time to plan and plant our gardens and new landscape projects for the year! Whether it’s starting your dream garden, tackling that corner of the yard that’s always been awkward, or upping your edible gardening game, Resilience Design has a lot of ways to offer support and expertise. If you’d like to talk about your ideas, check out my consultation page for how to get started.

Resilience Design offers ~

Consultation can be the first step in the design process or a stand-alone service that provides you with guidance and insight about your property. $100/hr. Travel fees may apply outside the Portland metro area.

Landscape Design from concept sketches to detailed master plans, having a design will help ensure your effort and dollars are moving you towards the landscape you want, one that is well-suited for your site and lifestyle. A ‘systems’ perspective will take into account the flows of inputs and outputs from your property, helping to make it as efficient and ecologically-friendly as it is beautiful. For typical urban lots, master plan design fees start at $2,200 for a front yard or $3,200 for a full yard plan that includes:

  • Two meetings at your site
  • Base map
  • Layout master plan with hardscape elements/paths/bed
  • Planting diagram
  • A detailed plant list with care notes
  • Resources and maintenance packet
  • For DIY clients I include notes on installation as well.

I also offer:

  • Meadowscaping kits to transform your planting strip or part of your yard into easy-care native habitat. Available for DIY or full service installation.
  • Mini-design services by the hour to help with smaller projects. A budget-friendly option for getting planning help with yard layout, problem areas, landscape updates and more.
  • Landscape design coaching program – you create your own yard design through a series of work sessions. A budget-friendly option for who want to learn a lot about their site and experience the permaculture design process.

Garden Coaching – working along side you in your yard, we can accomplish a lot of seasonal tasks and you’ll learn along the way! Starts at $75/hr

Garden Maintenance – expert help with pruning, perennial care and seasonal tasks to keep your garden healthy and looking its best. Starts at $55/hr.

Plants and Seeds – check out our selection of edible and native plants! Available by appointment, order via email or join us for the Resilience Design Open Garden and Plant Sale on Sunday, May 21, 2017 from noon to 6 pm.

Questions or ready to schedule a consultation? Email Mulysa at mulysa@resiliencedesign.com

~ Live in North Portland? Ask about neighborhood specials. ~

Thank you for supporting local and women-owned businesses! 

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