Tomatoes 2016

Tomatoes (Lycopersicon esculentum) – Indeterminate unless noted.

Lovingly and organically grown in Overlook Neighborhood, Portland, these sturdy tomato starts will thrive and offer one of the joys of the summer garden. There’s nothing else like a homegrown tomato!

Plant once the soil is warm, in late May, or use season extenders like cloches or wall o’ water. Keep them in a greenhouse or your sunniest window till then. Harden them off by placing them outside briefly in a shady spot for a few days, then for a longer period in part sun, then plant in rich soil in full sun.

Consistent watering practices, amending the soil with lime and calcium and keeping soil mulched will help avoid disease issues like blossom end rot.

Provide a sturdy cage at least 3′ tall for determinate varieties and 5′ tall or more for indeterminate varieties, or a tall pole/trellis for training if you like. Tomatoes can be grown very successfully in pots. I recommend 5 gallon containers or larger, with good drain holes. They will need daily watering for most of the season.

There will be a limited number available at the open house this Saturday.

3.5″ pot, $3 each

ResilienceDesign_AmishPasteTomato ‘Amish Paste’ – 72 days – Heirloom. Don’t let the name deter you, this is a versatile fruit. They have become a favorite canning tomato of mine, but are also great for salsa, sandwiches and salads. They are meaty, oblong fruits, light red fruits. This particular line is early producing, higher yielding and has larger fruit than other ‘Amish Paste’. Tolerant of partial shade. Great for training up stakes if you’re short on space. Selected for the ‘Slow Food Ark of Taste’.

‘Black Krim’ – 80 days – Heirloom. Large, beefsteak-type up to 18 oz. Dark burgundy fruit with amazing, rich flavor. Can produce well in cool weather or even in partial shade.

‘Chocolate Cherry’ – 70 days – Large, dark cherry type  (1″) with great flavor. Very productive. Resists cracking. Mix these with red and orange cherry tomatoes for a rainbow salad!

Red cherry tomato

Red cherry tomato

‘Red Cherry’ – 70 days – Hybrid. Classic large, bright red cherry tomato with great flavor. Very prolific. Eat them off the vine, skewer them for the grill, slice them in half, drizzle with olive oil and roast on low heat… heavenly! If you have extra, dry them for a sweet winter treat. Mmm, sun-dried tomato pesto!

Gold Nugget  – 60 days – Early, yellow cherry-sized tomato. Bred in Oregon for our climate. Biodynamically grown seed. Grow in the ground or in a large pot. Productive. Great for snacking right off the vine. A favorite with kids.

‘Delicious’ – 80 days –Heirloom. Large, red slicer with rich flavor that produces well even with cool nightime temperatures.

Tomato ‘Pruden’s Purple’ – 67-72 days – Heirloom. A large, Brandywine-type tomato (up to 1 lb or more) that is dark pink/red. Wonderful flavor and texture and produces earlier than most large tomatoes. Withstands cool weather well. I’m very happy to be growing many seeds from Willamette Valley seed grower Carol Deppe, author of ‘The Resilient Gardener’. Her plant selection work focuses on growing plants that are suited to our climate and are productive and flavorful. This heirloom tomato is from her seed as are ‘Amish Paste’, ‘Black Krim’ and ‘Stupice’.

‘Stupice’ – 55 -60 days – Heirloom. A very early red slicing tomato that does fine in cool springs and wet weather. Tolerates a range of conditions, including cool/damp weather, and bears throughout the season. Potato-leafed plant. 2.5″ fruits. Prolific, with classic tomato flavor. Uniform size for canning.


Tomato 'Cherokee Purple'

Tomato ‘Cherokee Purple’

‘Cherokee Purple’ – 80 days – Heirloom. Large, beefsteak-type. Dark burgundy fruit with green shoulders and amazing, rich flavor.

‘Italian Roma’ – 80 days – Heirloom. An excellent red sauce tomato. Compact vines are productive. Determinate – ripens most fruit all once time, and a uniform size for canning.

Tomato questions? Requests for next year? Email

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