Annual North American Rewilding Conference

Here is some info from Rewild Portland about the upcoming conference. I’ll be facilitating one of the hands-on sessions on Sunday morning at sites around North Portland. I’m super excited about this event, hope to see you there! 

Annual North American Rewilding Conference

Friday, January 25–Sunday, January 27
St. Johns Community Center – 8427 N Central St, Portland, OR 97203

The term “rewilding” covers a broad spectrum of ideas and solutions for a world in the throws of the sixth mass extinction—from wildlands conservation to the reintroduction of species, from the practice of ancestral skills to ancestral diets, from indigenous sovereignty to traditional ecological knowledge. As we search for meaning and tangible actions in this pivotal point in the human story, rewilding and the many subjects it encompasses are drawing attention from a wide range of communities. To help foster connections among these communities and build social capital across differing practices, Rewild Portland presents the Annual North American Rewilding Conference (ANARC).

ANARC is a grassroots, non-hierarchical, collaborative, social conference. At the conference you will find laypeople and experts sharing ideas, experiences, and knowledge across fields, connecting solutions, clarifying visions, and broadening their perspective while rooting it to place. It’s a think tank of the most innovative rewilders, where people walk away feeling motivated, inspired, and connected to the larger picture of social and environmental justice.

The theme of this year’s conference is “Creating diversity, equity, and inclusion in rewilding.” Rewilding is an important and urgent movement addressing the many challenges we are facing simultaneously. Yet if the movement is to succeed, we need to make it more accessible for everyone. This year we will be looking at how different people are opening up doors to rewilding in various communities, and brainstorming ways to make rewilding attainable for even more folks.

The format of the conference is as follows: Our Friday night opening includes structured social networking to encourage connections, ten lightning-round presenters to inspire dialogue, and a keynote speaker to connect some of these dots and create a shared vision. The Open Space portion of the conference takes place Saturday and Sunday, with participants creating the sessions and programming collaboratively at the onset. This open-format conference is unlike any other. It’s something you have to experience for yourself to really understand. Don’t miss out, register now!

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