Permaculture Workshop at Xera Plants

Planting the Multi-functional Garden:
A Permaculture look at the Xera Plants catalog 

Update: The workshop is full! Thanks for all your interest. Check the events pages for more upcoming courses.

Sat. March 24, 10 am – noon 
Xera Plants
Retail Shop 1114 SE. Clay St. Portland,  Oregon 97214
Instructor: Mulysa Melco
Cost: Free!
Space is limited. Please register below to reserve your spot.

Xera Plants’ mission is to grow unusual and high quality plants – and to espouse  “a viable alternative to the water-intensive gardening aesthetic.” You probably caught on from their name that many of their plants can withstand our summer dry (xeric) season without a lot of supplemental water. But did you know they offer many plants that are benefical in other ways?

Among Xera’s beautiful selection are plants for soil restoration, carbon sequestration, food, drinks, medicine, dyes, crafts, creating a regional sense of place – and plants that can help create habitat for birds, pollinators and wildlife in the Pacific Northwest.

Explore Xera’s incredible plant offerings through the lens of permaculture (a design methodology based on natural systems). Learn some ways ecological thinking can be applied to create multi-functional gardens such as creating guilds of plant species.  Join us to discuss how gardens and gardeners can have a positive role in the ecosystem!

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