Plant Sale at Marisha’s Nursery

Plant Sale at Marisha’s Nursery – Woodstock Neighborhood, Southeast Portland
Saturday, June 23, 10 am – 3 pm
4816 SE 50th Ave., just north of Raymond St. (Please avoid alley, turn onto 50th from Raymond)

Join us for our last plant sale of the spring season. It’s time to fill in any holes in your garden to maximize growth and water during this summer.  I’ll be joining Marisha and Zane as a guest vendor this weekend!

Garden Tour at 1 pm

Come see their wonderful permaculture homestead with food, medicine, animals and more. Their neighborhood scale permaculture nursery offers both common and unique varieties of plants that have been bred to thrive in our climate and provide reliable yields.

Browse the Resilience Design plant and seed catalog HERE.
Resilience design accepts cash, check or credit/debit/paypal.

Check out Marisha’s Nursery list at
Marisha’s nursery accepts cash and check.


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